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Success Story: InvestTech Partners with Global Asset Manager to Implement SimCorp Coric

Author: InvestTech

07 | 28 | 2016

simcorp_coric_implementation.jpgClient Challenge:

A North American Investment Management Company purchased a leading client reporting software solution (SimCorp Coric) and began a three-month Phase I implementation to bring a subset of client accounts live on the new solution.  Phase I took longer than planned, and Phase II was already behind schedule. The plan was for the vendor to step out of the project at Phase II, but the client was not yet experienced enough to fly solo for the rest of the implementation.

InvestTech Solution:

The client partnered with InvestTech for guidance and leadership on Phase II based on our comprehensive reporting expertise, including:
  • Reporting requirements review
  • Best practice assessment and recommendations
  • Data integrity rule creation
  • Data model assessment and build-out
  • Report layouts (templates)
  • Workflows/process re-engineering
  • Dashboard creation
  • Training of business and IT staff

InvestTech joined the SimCorp Coric implementation at Phase II by providing an overall assessment of the reporting requirements and current state of the implementation project. The project quickly ramped up to meet deadlines, with InvestTech leading the delivery of five phases of implementation, including a refactor of the Phase I work to construct a scalable and efficient best practice reporting model.

InvestTech created a new reporting data model and document warehouse model for commentary management, and designed report templates and custom dashboards. Additionaly, elaborate and efficient workflow models were developed, allowing the client reporting team to reduce headcount and focus efforts on other areas of value to the team. Leveraging the existing reporting data model, internal reporting was established, optimizing Coric for reporting beyond client-facing reporting. Audit reports were designed to meet internal and external audit requirements for all processes in the Coric reporting process. In addition, InvestTech worked with the vendor on the client's behalf to create use cases for product enhancements, and was successful in delivering these enhancements along with increased functionality of the core tool.

InvestTech trained the client’s business and IT users to support the product and reporting templates long-term. Upon project completion, the business team became self-sufficient in supporting the application and the reporting process as a whole, with the skill set to add, modify and re-brand reporting templates and data models on many levels. InvestTech successfully delivered an implementation, which was completed on-time and below budget.

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