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Private Equity Firm Seeks InvestTech's Guidance on Target Operating Model to Support Direct Lending

Client Challenge:

Direct Lending has become a competitive segment for many alternative managers and traditional private equity firms. Growing out of the credit crisis when banks reduced their lending activities to companies, this alternative to traditional banks has expanded significantly since 2009 primarily serving the middle market. Direct Lending has enjoyed support from many governments as a way to get more liquidity into the credit markets. In North America alone, fundraising reached over 59 billion dollars in the last four years.

Posted in: Private Equity Systems | Alternative Investments | Strategy | Target Operating Model | Direct Lending

InvestTech Partners with Alts Firm for Compliance and Data Management Solution

Client Challenge:

A leading alternative investment firm with over $20B AUM needed a better way to check pre- and post-trade compliance to address growing client demand for calculation-heavy restrictions utilizing multiple market data feeds. They were also challenged with maintaining their portfolios at numerous back office service providers, all requiring customized workflows, trade tickets, acknowledgements, and reconciliations. This created a significant need to address management of their reference data and data warehousing for reporting and archiving.

Posted in: Data Management | Alternative Investments | Trading | Implementation

InvestTech Leads Credit Management Strategic Assessment for Regional Bank

Client Challenge:

Credit profiling and commercial loan portfolio management have become imperative to build and maintain a healthy loan book for all types of lenders, including banks and investment managers. With various lending market and regulatory changes, lenders are seeking ways to streamline and consolidate disparate technology systems and processes. A top 50 bank realized they had a strong need for a more efficient and automated commercial lending solution as their current state system is outdated, requires manual processes, and is unable to support many key operational functionalities performed by the Lines of Businesses (LOB).

Posted in: Alternative Investments | Evaluation | credit management

InvestTech Collaborates with Black Mountain to Create the First High-Volume Equity Trading OMS on the Everest Platform

Client Challenge:

Black Mountain System’s Everest platform is an OMS synonymous with the syndicated loan space. Historically clients managed loans, bonds, and options, and the average daily trading volume of these is generally low. As Black Mountain steadily moves into new market segments, such as active and high-volume equity trading, the baseline configuration, often implemented at loan shops, is no longer viable.

Posted in: Alternative Investments | Trading | Implementation

Extracting Value from your Markit EDM Implementation

Traditionally, Markit EDM has been used to manage and master reference data within an investment organization. With the advent of the browser-based UI and workflow automation, the ability to manage this information has dramatically improved. The security mastering function is probably the most common (but only one) example of how Markit EDM can be used and importantly, is just a small piece in the puzzle of extracting value from your Markit EDM implementation.

Posted in: Data Management | Markit EDM | Implementation | EDM

InvestTech Leads Client in Replacing Legacy Wealth Management Platform

Client Challenge:

A North American Investment Advisor’s projected growth in the wealth management space necessitated replacement of their wealth management platform. After attempting to conduct the evaluation for over a year, the client had an incomplete list of requirements and potential vendors, and lacked a process that would provide normalized results of comparison. The firm chose InvestTech based on their deep wealth management knowledge and experience helping other investment managers evaluate and select the best fit-for-purpose platforms.

Posted in: Selection | Evaluation | Wealth Management