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Do you need a consultant to help your firm with Portfolio Risk Management & Investment Analytics?

InvestTech can help.

InvestTech specializes in buy-side investment management systems and data architecture. InvestTech’s approach on Investment Risk Management Framework Strategy focuses on a top-down and bottom-up review that takes into consideration peer and competitor practices, the changing drivers of client expectations, regulatory environment, the firm’s business processes and technology alignment, as well as resource capabilities. This ensures that operations and data management technology is supporting the quality of the input and delivery of the analytics required by the business strategy.

We’ve done this before – many times – and we can help you.

Getting everyone aligned and executing on a strong plan is complicated in this area by many factors including the fact that there is no best practice blueprint beyond

1. Reaching agreement on what you want to measure and why

2. Deciding how that will be accomplished, which includes method(s) followed by system(s)

3. Achieving a state of production at the level of quality required to support action

4. Process and governance to support input or impact into decision making (and finally)

5. A feedback loop for continuous improvement and to assure prioritization and alignment

Our Investment Risk Management Framework Strategic Assessment engagements typically encompass the following key activities:

InvestTech is the first consulting firm dedicated to investment management to have a practice focused on portfolio and investment risk management while not having conflicting offerings of either software products or outsourcing services. We believe this unbiased position the best way to serve clients in what is a complex area for most firms to manage to a successful position. Our proven expertise in other areas including EDM and Portfolio Accounting ensure that the dependencies that do exist are well understood from day one and throughout the engagement.

Lack of a Current and Supported Strategic Plan for Risk Analytics results in:

Nothing Beats Experience

When you are looking for Risk Management expertise you need the comfort of knowing that you hired the most experienced team.

InvestTech works exclusively with veteran Investment Systems and Operations professionals. We don’t substitute quantity for quality. We do the job right the first time, which translates to cost savings in the long run.
The InvestTech team had a clear understanding of our challenges and priorities and a detailed plan to steer us in the right direction. - Global Investment Manager

InvestTech provides expert guidance on investment operations, technology and data management to global investment firms.