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White Papers

In-depth, thought provoking publications from InvestTech's team of experts.

Outsourcing Your GIA Accounting

Richard Lawrence

The decision to outsource is an extremely difficult one to make due to the complexities and risks surrounding insurance assets. This white paper will help identify the decision points and unique requirements surrounding the accounting and reporting for GIA assets.


Complex Workflows in Markit EDM

Mick Cartwright

When managing time-sensitive enterprise data is critical to your business, Markit EDM can be optimized by implementing supporting workflows to collect, master, and validate data sets from multiple sources.

This white paper will consider basic principles of workflow delivery and examine reasons why you might choose to use Markit EDM rather than developing a fully customized solution using other technologies.


Recent Trends & Insights: Order Management Systems

Michael Rauh

What are the key OMS capabilities asset managers are demanding today?
Learn about:

  • Common themes and trends within OMS solutions
  • The functionality advancement that make them robust
  • How OMS solutions have responded to regulatory reforms
  • The benefits of advanced trading tools when combined with strategic technology integration